Dennis Dohey


Mr. Dohey has over 30 years of experience in the highly competitive cleaning service industry. He has brought his management skills to the table and has also been crucial in helping the company start up with a focus on its costs and maximizing its profitability. His years of experience has given him skills that only comes from time thereby adding value to the company.

Ray Smollett

General Manager

Mr. Smollett is experienced in the Snack Foods market and the Away From Home tissue market. He has held senior management rolls in Operations, Sales, and Marketing. He is considered a go to person with his extensive knowledge and experience. He is well versed in all aspects of the industries. He also is experience in the Healthcare and Consumer Products industries, having held senior operations management roles.

Anastasiia Morozova

Production/HACCP Manager

Ms. Morozova has a bachelor degree in Economics and Management as well as a degree in International Business Management. She is responsible for all production operations and our HACCP food safety program. She is an integral part of our management team and strongly contributes to our success.